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Past Events

Past Events

The 2004 Pacific Media Expo concert series welcomed a number of great artists to Southern California.

T.M.Revolution and Nami Tamaki, both guests of Sony Music Japan and Tofu Records, delighted fans at the Anaheim Arena in America's first J-Pop arena concert.

The show opened with the energetic opening act of Nami Tamaki in her U.S. debut performance. Her vivacious vocals and dancing got the crowd on their feet. Next, headliner T.M.Revolution took over the stage with dazzling visual effects and of course, his sexy and passionate voice. The cheers of almost 4,000 fans resonated throughout the arena, proclaiming the concert a total sensation.

Another bonus: all fans were invited to attend Tofu Record's an exciting launch party for T.M.Revolution's album, SEVENTH HEAVEN.

The convention days belonged to Psycho Le Cemu, sponsored by Sweet Child Entertainment. Like Tamaki, this was also PLC's debut U.S. appearance. Their two shows captivated over 2,000 devoted fans and PLC neophytes. Beginning the set in their stunning Kronos costumes, PLC entranced concert-goers with their distinct musical styling, pure talent, and tons of fun audience participation. Everyone was bewitched; everyone begged for more.

PMX not only had great Japanese guests, but a terrific local act as well. Synthpop group Secret Secret from San Francisco played an opening concert for the Masquerade in true Gothic style.

During the convention, music fans got to meet and direct questions at their favorite musicians in the Q&A panels. Some lucky fans also won a chance to get autographs from their idols.

In addition, attendees even had the opportunity to flex their own vocal cords in the Karaoke room.

With Year One behind them, one can't help but wonder what PMX's encore will be like...