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Pacific Media Expo Continues to bring you the cutting edge in musical entertainment.

Artist: Corrinne May
Bio: Born and raised in Singapore, based in Los Angeles and making a huge splash these past few years on the L.A. indie pop/rock scene and beyond, May is truly a citizen of the world. Two continents specifically, as the spiritual minded, ethereal voiced artist's self-titled debut scored both in the U.S.-where she won the "New Folk Award" at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas-and later throughout her native Asia upon distribution deals in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and her home island of Singapore. While performing at famed L.A. clubs such Genghis Cohen and The Mint, The Bitter End and The Living Room in New York and Club Passim in Boston , May's music was also taking off overseas. Her video for "Fly Away" received significant airplay at MTV Asia. Her song "Journey" was featured on the Taiwanese drama At The Dolphin Bay and was covered by popular Asian singers Angela Zhang and Gigi Leung. May also recorded a cover of the classic hit "Close To You" for the Columbia Tri-Star movie So Close in 2003 and recently sang for Hong Kong's most popular music television show, "Jade Solid Gold". Corrinne's latest album "Safe in a Crazy World" recently spent 2 weeks at #1 on Singapore's RIAS best-selling albums chart (Singapore's equivalent to US Billboard charts) besting albums by Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani & Rob Thomas. Listen to Corrinne May at http://www.corrinnemay.com. "May's voice is instantly intoxicating beautiful and adept." Performing Songwriter Magazine.

Artist: Dig Jelly
Bio: DIG JELLY is an LA based, high energy modern rock band with a huge loyal following. Their sound is cutting edge, yet unique, with a lethal dose of hip hop. DIG JELLY is Rayko (vocal / guitar / keyboards), Joey (drums), Robby (lead guitar), Rain (bass) and Atley (Turntables). "Crave", their 2nd release (produced by Dave Dunn, mastered by Bob Ludwig) is filled with energetic, strong hooked, mind driving songs. If you enjoy live performances, DIG JELLY is special to watch. They have a blend of raw energy and sex appeal that grabs the attention of everyone in any given venue. Their in your face attitude and showmanship on stage are not only well received by their audience but by anyone they meet. Show after show has proved to be a testament to their hard work and dedication, proving their potential to do great things in the music industry throughout the world. DIG JELLY IS GETTING A HUGE BUZZ IN NAGOYA, JAPAN! And it's all thanks to Zip FM, the biggest commercial radio station in Nagoya Japan which all young and young at heart listens to everyday! Rayko of Dig Jelly got interviewed by Kentaro the DJ of Zip FM 4 times already, two of which were LIVE! The song Broken Trust has been played over and over again as our new Japanese fans keep on requesting it, and CD orders are pouring in! Dig Jelly is appearing at PMX courtesy of Centerline Entertainment.

Artist: Jane Lui
Bio: Raised in Hong Kong, Jane began playing piano age 4. With a noticeably keen ear for music she later began teaching herself voice by observing and imitating her idol, Anita Mui. After years of practice and formal education she received her music degree from San Diego State University. Upon graduation Jane began making waves in the San Diego music scene as part of the power pop duo Jason And Jane by opening for the likes of Jason Mraz, Lisa Sanders, and Emm Gryner, quickly establishing her reputation as a singer/songwriter of merit. Having officially launched her solo career on Valentines Day 2004, Jane has already shared stages with the likes of Gregory Page, Vienna Teng, Kyler England (LA), Eddie From Ohio, Kathrin Shorr (LA), Robin Henkel (SD Music Awards 2004 Best Blues Album), Greg Laswell (SD Music Awards 2004 Best Recording), all the while continuing to create new music, growing as a musician, singer, songwriterand interpreter of images. With an appreciation and sensitivity toward the interplay of sound, energy, and emotion, Jane's music is rich, complex and sensual. Her track Freddie Goodtime has been selected to be in the soundtrack for the documentary 10mph.

Artist: Kaila Yu
Bio: R&B singer/songwriter Kaila Yu loves performing. This savvy artist has developed a three-pronged career in music, modeling, and acting, successfully merging her talents into one charismatic package. A native of Taipei, Taiwan, Kaila moved to Southern California at the age of three, and began performing soon afterward. She has developed a three-pronged career in music, modeling, and acting, successfully merging her talents into one charismatic package.In March, 2002, Kaila recorded and released her first single, "Our Last Night", selling 3,000 copies of the single, and opened up for rap artist Coolio at the Import Extreme Car Show in Honolulu, Hawaii in June, 2002. She also had two tracks on the Bay Area hit Import Jams, one of the #1 selling CDs in the Bay Area. Kaila's 2003 debut album, "Kaila", showcases her sweet and soulful voice with 12 R&B/Pop/Hip-Hop songs, featuring infectious hooks, Asian flourishes, and solid, professional production. Kaila has performed from coast to coast, including Boston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Kaila's acting credits include "Dark Blue", a feature film with Kurt Russell and Scott Speedman, and "Jade Buddha", a soap opera airing in China. Plus, she continues her successful stint as a model on the import car circuit, has her own 2003 calendar, and is featured as a character in "Street Racing Syndicate", a videogame for Playstation 2. Keep your eye out for her cd at Tower Records and see her soon when she tours in her area! Kaila just opened for DJ Qbert in Chicago and has upcoming shows in Los Angeles and San Jose. Also, she filmed her first music video which was just featured on national tv on the show Extra! Meanwhile, check out the cd and some samples tracks right now at http://www.KailaPop.com.

Artist: Kumiko Kato
Bio: A bright, young starlet in the Japanese music world, Kumiko Kato is delighted to meet and perform for anime and J-Pop fans across North America. Kumiko has been around music all her life, with a father who played bass in the hit late 70s pop band "Sentimental City Romance" and a mother who took her to musicals in her hometown of Nagoya. Kumiko also sat down with the piano at an early age. But it was not until she heard Namie Amuro's stirring performance on television that Kumiko, at the age of ten, realized the dream she was destined to follow. Inspired by Amuro as well as Janet Jackson, Kumiko spent her teenage years building a strong foundation in dance, winning regional awards in everything from jazz to classical ballet to traditional Japanese dance. At the same time, she balanced her lessons with several part-time jobs, hoping she could save enough money to visit America someday. Kumiko achieved her goal when she turned eighteen, and as soon as she arrived in New York, she knew she had found the missing piece of her musical puzzle. Today, Kumiko splits her time between Tokyo and New York, taking vocal lessons and practicing for hours each day in preparation for her US debut single, "Thinking of You." For its August 2005 release from Sounday Records, Kumiko would like to share this message with you. "I sing from my heart, and I dance from my soul," she says, "So I know you will love it!" Her debut single will be for sale for the first time at Pacific Media Expo. Ms. Kato is appearing as a Guest of Sounday Records.

Artist: Lemon Drop Kick
Bio: Lemon Drop Kick is the result of two veterans of the South Bay (SoCal) punk scene hooking up with 3 talented rockers from Japan. Lemon Drop Kick combines the coolest aspects of Japanese rock with a SoCal punk/pop sensibility. Despite being unsigned, Lemon Drop Kick has found ways to get its music out to the world. Songs from Lemon Drop Kick have been featured on several internationally-distributed import racing DVDs, anime documentaries and even a major motion picture (Sony Pictures' "Into the Sun"). XM Satellite Radio and California-based radio stations also have Lemon Drop Kick's songs on their playlists. Lemon Drop Kick has been able to achieve this kind of exposure without the help of a record label or management company. The members of Lemon Drop Kick made all of these things happen by themselves. It just goes to show: great songwriting and a lot of hard work (with just a little bit of luck) can go a long way in this business. More big deals are in the works for Lemon Drop Kick. Be sure to keep an eye out for this incredibly unique band!

Artist: Next Phaze
Bio: Delfin Lazaro, Chris Dacoron, Carlo Ricafort, and Rich Gaddi all met during high school, singing in both school and church choir. They chose the name, "Next Phaze," because of its meaning: a new stage of development. For the next two years, Next Phaze performed in different cities throughout California: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Hayward, Milpitas, Cupertino, San Jose, and Stockton to name a few. Every show came into play as Next Phaze raised enough money to start their label and fund the production of their debut EP album, Next Phaze. After releasing their EP album in 2003, the group worked endlessly to promote the album throughout California and the US. They landed shows in Seattle, WA and Atlanta, GA, and gained more attention from different managers, producers, and labels. Now the guys are back in the studio working on an upcoming, full length album.

Artist: PINE*am
Bio: PINE*am features the three "electro-cuties", Taeca Kinoshita, Chizuko Matsubayashi and Tsugumi Takashi. Hailing from Osaka, Tokyo and Vancouver, BC, PINE*am is gearing up for a second U.S. tour following their debut release, "Pull The Rabbit Ears". PINE*am's blend of machinated drum loops, synthesized swirls, rip-roaring guitars, back-bone bass, and three-part harmonies makes for a Buffalo Daughter / Pizzicato 5 cocktail that effortlessly ping-pongs between rock and electronica. A dusting of pop smarts and art-school invention add the finishing touches to an aesthetic that defies categorization. Coming off of appearances at SXSW 2004 and a television appearance on G4, Pine*am is appearing at PMX courtesy of
Eenie Meenie Records

Artist: Random Ninjas
Bio: Random Ninjas is a rock band based in Los Angeles that performs their own original compositions evolved from multigenre influences as well as covers of anime soundtracks, Japanese pop music, and video game soundtracks. Complete with full ninja attire, anime costumes, dancing, and big taiko drums, this collective of creative and talented musicians enlivens any venue with their energetic performances.

Artist: Yousei Teikoku
Bio: Yousei Teikoku is a two-unit band comprised of Fairy Yui (vocal) and Tachibana Takaha (keyboard). Through music, Yousei Teikoku is attempting to revive the Fairy Empire that exists between the human world and the spiritual realm known as Spiritua. Yousei Teikoku presents a visual image with gothic style as its core. "Gothic" and "empire" are keywords in their musical concepts. TEAM FAIRITHM has come together to produce this musical revolution. Special thank you to Broccoli for making this appearance possible.

Artist: Zoo Hero
Bio: What happens when a karaoke master teams up with a rock guitarist? The answer can only be found standing in the audience of one of Zoo Hero's rock performances where you'll be left head banging, laughing, grooving, and confused all at the same time. Defining a new level of genre fusion, this rock band based in Los Angeles performs their original compositions along with some rather unique covers of retro favorites. With quirky yet strangely relatable lyrics blended with a kaleidoscope of melded musical styles, the Zoo Hero music experience will not disappoint those looking for fresh and creative musical and lyrical art.

Artist: Thee Out Mods
Thee Out Mods will be unable to attend this year.
Bio: Thee Out Mods' origins date back to 2004 when they started as an original garage punk band and ventured into circus rock. Their first show in N. Hollywood was a success, bringing in over 300 people. Since then the band has changed members and continues to experiment with their sound, rocking out at famous live houses like ROXY theatre, Whisky a Go Go and the Knitting Factory. Check out with the members of Thee Out Mods, which are Jack, Yoshiki, Isam, and Yasuo, as these crazy psychedelic rockers continue bangin' their heads away!

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